Testing Time

Unless a clay pot goes through the fiery furnace, it will not be fit for use. It will remain soft and fallible and crushed down at the first use. So it is with the trials and testing times that are of me. It is through pressure and uncomfortable circumstances that your convictions are tried. And only after being tried in fired, can it be solidified.

So too are the tests that I give to come and try you. And not to destroy or condemn you, for that is the work of the enemy. But I have come so that you may have life. My tests come so that you may try and see what is already inside of you, and that I may solidify my work. I already know what is inside of you, but unless you are tested, how will you know what you are made of?

So then my child, in whatever situation that you face, that which is uncomfortable, know that I want you to pass through it. Take the heat and stand in your convictions. It may not be easy, but after you have been tried, it will remain forever. The winds and storms may come, but your convictions will remain and you will not be easily shaken, because you have been hardened in the furnace. You would have been tested and have passed.

So do not waver, but stand firm in what you know I have done in you. Stand on it, even if it is the hardest thing to do, or goes against the grain. When you have stood and come out of the fire, it will be well worth it. It will be like a pearl of great price that you can hang on to forever, says the Lord. Amen.

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Take a Moment


Take a Moment

After a race it feels like you have spent all of your resources. Your mouth is dry and your hands are shaky. You are much like Samson when he slayed the thousand with the jawbone of a donkey. He had pushed through and at the end of it all, he felt so weak.

The anointing had lifted and suddenly he realized how human he was. Even as he lowered his arm, I did not forsake him, says the Lord, and even now I do not forsake you. As you have pushed through and even done the things I asked of you, I know that you are weary.

Yet my child, now is not the time to try and find the strength that you need from external sources. Samson cried out to me and I gave him water from the rock. In the same way, I am telling you to cry out to me so that I can lead you to water.

For when you reach out your hand to me in your weakness, you will realize that there are rivers of living water bubbling up from deep inside of you. A well of life that never runs dry. No matter how thirsty you are or how weak you feel, there is an abundance there to give you life once again.

So reach out to me now and let the water that is inside of you begin to bubble out. Take a moment to stand still and to feed on my Spirit. Take a moment to hear my voice. Stand in silence for only a moment, so that you can get direction for the rest of the journey ahead.

When you take this time to hear from me, not only will your spirit be fed, but you will also hear my voice and receive the direction you  need. When you do it this way, then I go with you and I will not let you down. When you do it this way, you will never run out of resources.

Take a moment to reach out to me, and let my strength fill you once again. Amen.

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